• December/January  -  Material Due November 15th
  • February/March - Material Due January 15th
  • April/May - Material Due March 15th
  • June/July - Material Due May 15th
  • August/September - Material Due July 15th
  • October/November - Material Due September 15th
  • The Material due dates listed above are soft dates due to fluctuatons in press times issue to issue.

Material Due Dates

We are lucky to enjoy all outdoor actvites year-­‐round here in Indiana

  • December/January : Deer season wrap-­‐up, waterfowl, ice fishing, predator hunDng, Ice fishing, travel, boaDng, shooDng sports, spring fishing, late season waterfowl, predator hunDng.
  • February/March : (Big Turkey Issue) Turkey hunDng, panfish, steelhead, walleye, shooDng sports, boaDng, bass, pike, muskie, panfish, trout, steelhead, salmon, walleye, mushroom hunDng.
  • April/May : Turkey hunDng, crappie, panfish, salmon, bass, walleye, muskie, shooDng sports, bowfishing, shooDng sports, bass, crappie, skamania, salmon, caXish, muskie, camping, canoeing, boaDng.
  • June/July : Squirrel, camping/hiking, panfish, shooDng sports, early migratory game birds & waterfowl hunDng, gundog, small game, camping, panfish.
  • August/September : Deer (archery, pre-­‐season scouDng/Deer & Waterfowl Issue)), waterfowl hunDng, fur bearers, trapping, gundog, walleye, muskie, pike, salmon, trout, bass, deer (archery/shotgun), upland game, waterfowl hunDng, gundog, salmon, muskie, pike, coyote, fox, seasonal outdoors.
  • October/November : (Big Buck Issue,muzzleloader/archery) Deer (archery/shotgun/muzzleloader), upland game, waterfowl, gundog, coyote, fox, salmon, steelhead, muskie, pike, seasonal.

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