I am both proud and excited to announce that I have assumed the positions of Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Indiana Outdoor News from the previous Publisher, who also happens to be my father and greatest role model, Brian Smith.

    When I was only two years old, my father took me along on my first hunt; we would later come to realize that that hunt was only the beginning of an obsession with the outdoors. I live for hunting season; during the off-seasons, I’m biting my nails waiting for opening day, dreaming of bagging that trophy 12-pointer or boss tom. I am truly blessed to have grown up so immersed in the outdoors, to have been taught everything I know from my father and uncle, to have harvested so many trophies, memories and meals. Hunting and fishing are my life.

    As I grew older, I became involved in helping my father run Indiana Outdoor News. Anything I could help with, I jumped at the opportunity. From passing out magazines at tradeshows to mailing subscriptions, to picking up freshly printed papers and making deliveries across the state, I loved helping out. I always knew that one day I would take over the family business, so when my father came to me and proposed the idea of my new ownership of ION I was overjoyed. Finally, my chance to continue on my father’s legacy had come.

   The timing could not be more perfect. Not only have I taken ownership of ION, but I am also majoring in Journalism with a double minor in Photography and Graphic Design at Indiana University of South Bend. Not only will my courses at IU supplement my new endeavor with ION, but as well my experiences as Publisher and Editor-in-Chief will supplement my coursework. It’s the perfect win-win situation.

   There are so many new ideas and changes to the magazine that I am excited to try. As a young woman with a passion for the outdoors, I will be adding a fresh, new perspective as well as new technologies to ION. Being more in-tune with the new technologies of the times than my father was, I am eager to introduce ION to more social media, including Twitter and Instagram, as well as incorporate smartphone apps that will bring the magazine to life in the palms of our readers’ hands. These are only a select few of the plethora of ideas that I plan to incorporate into ION. With that said, however, the main purpose and traditions of Indiana Outdoor News will always remain the same: providing it’s readers with the latest outdoor tips, stories, and news in the state.

   Yes, there are many who do not believe that I am capable of running my own business at such a young age or whilst attending college fulltime, but I am here to prove them wrong. I believe that no matter how crazy a dream may seem, as long as you set your mind and heart to it, as long as you believe in yourself and have a passion for your work, absolutely nothing is impossible. I am incredibly enthusiastic and optimistic about my new adventure, and I am greatly looking forward to growing, expanding, and enhancing all aspects of Indiana Outdoor News.

Megan and her Father at Age 3.